As the founder of Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, Todd Smith has been working as a consultant and entrepreneur for nearly two decades. He has helped clients raise more then $200 million for their various businesses, spinoffs, and startups over his career – by preparing venture capital quality business plan package for the purposes of raising capital. He has helped clients raise capital, expand internationally, develop strategic plans, and even as an interim executive.

But one thing his always bothered him about his consulting work: for every one client he was able to help in business, there were dozens of others who he couldn’t help, because they lacked the knowledge, experience, or capital needed to move their dream or idea forward. Thus began the idea for eStartAcademy.

Todd’s passion has always been helping people start businesses. He feels there is something inherently rewarding in watching someone turn an idea into reality. And by creating, his hope is that he will be able to help far more people achieve their goals.